2014 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award

BaenFor those that may be interested, well-known sci-fi/fantasy publisher, Baen, is holding a short-story contest. The winner will be given an award at this years Gen Con. Details can be found on the website, but you essentially have until June 30th to send off your 8,000-word-max story.

I think I’ll be giving it a shot and I hope you’ll join me (though if I were more calculating, I wouldn’t put this out here so as to not have to compete against all of you brilliant writers).

Good luck!

– Phillip

0 thoughts on “2014 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award

  1. Oooo! Go for it, Phillip!!! I wish I had one ready! But good luck to you!

    1. Thanks Linda. Hopefully I can come up with a decent story!

  2. Best of luck in the contest, Phillip! Let us know the outcome.

    1. Thank you Jill. I certainly will. 🙂

  3. Phillip – good luck with this. I’m not sure my style would work for this comp. I am currently writing something for the Bridport Prize and, like you, hoping no one else enters!

    1. Always nice to hear from you Gabs! If I had your chops, I wouldn’t worry so much about the competition. 🙂

  4. Makes one want to be a fantasy writer. Thanks for sharing

    1. Don’t know if I’m much of one myself (traditional fantasy anyway), but I figured I’d stretch myself and give it a go.

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