meet the new york, (not quite the) same as the old york…

In between the odd working hours and sightseeing, I’ve found some time to pop out an “I’m alive” post. The weather in New York has been nothing short of amazing for this time of year. To think back of the blizzard a couple of years ago, it’s a huge contrast. I had to take off my jacket a few times because I was getting too hot.

Random items of note:

  • I should have never eaten at the Halal food cart in front of our hotel. I’m sure you’re thinking it’s because I got food poisoning or some such horrible thing, but I’m more worried about the insatiable cravings I’ll be experiencing back home. Careful with the red sauce though. Don’t go willy-nilly dumping it all over your food unless you’re training your tongue to eat molten lava.
  • The city was meant for photographers. From the man-made buildings to the semi-natural Central Park, I was amazed at how many postcards one could generate.
  • I need to hit the gym when I get back home. When you’re traveling and need some comfort food, what’s a slice of cheesecake here or a donut ice cream sandwich there.
  • The Statue of Liberty sure seemed a lot bigger on TV.
  • Jet lag sucks.. Why won’t it go away?

I’ll admit that I haven’t spent any time this trip working on my novel. I’ve been doing a bit of reading though, catching up on my U.S. history. Did you guys know some of the Founding Fathers were tea smugglers and that’s why they threw out all that British tea? Had to snuff out the competition. Interesting stuff.


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