730 days later…

“Yeah, but this time will be different.”

When people say that, does anyone ever really believe them? After the umpteenth time, do they believe it themselves?

It’s been two years since my first post on this little acreage of Internet. I’ve owned(?) at least two blogs in the past, probably more. Only one of them amounted to something and that was a technical blog which helped me and others study for IT certification. As soon as I got that certificate, I didn’t care anymore so I stopped posting.

Then November of 2011 arrived and beatbox32.wordpress.com was concieved over a cup of coffee. My friend and I were talking about life and I was bitching about work. He asked me what I wanted to do. Well, the answer was obvious – to sit around in my underwear, play video games and read books all day. Hadn’t, and still haven’t, found a way to make that pay the bills though.

But seriously, he was asking what did I really want to do.

I paused for a second and said, “Write a novel.”

To this day, I honestly have no idea where the hell that came from. I’d always loved reading fiction, but had never considered writing it. My father has the gift of storytelling, but I’ve always been a better listener than a talker. I can say that the urge to create was always with me, but that usually was limited to doodling on scratch paper or writing songs.

Writing though? Huh?

This friend encouraged me to start a blog.  As I mentioned earlier, I’d been down that road before and I had no reason to believe it would go anywhere new.

“Yeah, but this time will be different.”

He told me to write something every day and post short stories. In return, he promised he would read them. You can find the first one here. Go ahead, it’s okay to cringe and giggle.

I began with small ambitions, but two hundred and fifty posts later, this blog still stands. Along the way, I decided to drop my virtual pants and let my name flap in the wind. beatbox32.wordpress.com became phillipmccollum.com. I don’t go out of my way to tell people I’m a writer, but if they find my blog, I won’t deny it.

After these two years, I feel like I’ve accomplished a few tasks:

I’ve written some articles on my favorite How-To Fiction book.

I’ve finished the first draft of my first novel.

I’m on my second year of attempting NaNoWriMo.

It’s funny where time chooses to take you. Often, I’ve tried to define the purpose of this place: a home for short stories, a not-so-private journal, a narrative of my path to becoming an author. My hopes are that it will eventually be a place where I can convince people to buy my books. For now, I’m happy to watch it float along listlessly stuffed with a little bit of everything.

Before I click the “Publish” button, I want to say one last thing:

“Thanks for hanging out with me.”

I don’t deserve an audience just because I write things on the Internet. I don’t brew up wonderful photos and articles. I don’t have military experiences to color my fiction. I don’t draw cool cartoons. I don’t share a lot of funny missives about people I know. All in all, I’m not particularly fascinating. But it’s nice to know that at least some of the things I say interest you guys just as much as some of the things you say interest me.


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  1. Phillip, yours is one blog of several blogs I really look forward to reading. You have a great gift for making readers feel like you’re just hanging out with them and “talking shop,” and I’m honored to know you. CONGRATULATIONS on your two-year anniversary, and I hope you’ll be entertaining us for many years to come!

    1. Aww Candace, you are too kind. I feel like I’ve gotten to know so many great people through this blogging community and I’ve learned more than I thought possible, especially from professionals like you who share so much of your knowledge. I promise to stick around if you do!

  2. Congratulations, Phillip! I can’t remember how I stumbled across your blog, but since that first time, I’ve continued to return. I had my one year anniversary in September and questioned whether I could do it another year, you’re an inspiration! I too was convinced to start my blog by a friend. Sometimes friends know best. Good luck with NaNo!

    1. Thank you Jill! A belated congratulations on your one year anniversary. It’s crazy how time flies. I don’t remember how we found each other either, but I’m glad we did. Looking forward to seeing your second year anniversary come around…and then your third, fourth, and so on…..

  3. Ditto what those two said. You have a great blog. Your posts are from the heart and that’s what keeps me reading.

    1. Thank you Nila. 🙂 I try to be as honest in my writing as possible and I’m so glad to hear it comes through. It’s not easy to be yourself in a public forum, but I guess that’s what separates us from those that don’t. I feel the same way about your blog as well and thank you for your informative posts and Pixar lessons. 🙂

  4. What I like most about your blog, Phillip, is that it really feels like you behind the words. Maybe that’s not so, but it sure feels authentically “Phillip.” He’s a cool dude.

    1. A cool dude? Are you sure you commented on the right blog, Kevin? 😛

      Well, either way, I’ll just pretend you did! Appreciate the kind words and I feel the same way about you. Before I finally hit my expiration date, I hope to have met all of you guys in person.

  5. A trail from yourself commenting on my blog has led me here. So glad it did (and thanks for the comments btw). Had a quick scout round and looks like there’s a hellava lot to like here – both from an informative and useful perspective, but also from just getting a rollickingly good read. Congrats on the milestone. If its alright but you I might hang around for a while…

    1. By all means Mobewan, pull up a rocking chair and sit by the fire! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you found it interesting enough to stay.

  6. Congrats on your writing journey! It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we admit what we want to do, and then set out to do it!

    1. Thank you JH! It really is amazing. A lot of small steps can add up to a giant leap.

  7. You got this, Phillip! And I’m enjoying sharing the journey with you.

  8. I remember Beatbox 32. I think it was the name when I first started to follow. Word of caution: “Yeah, but this time will be different,” reminds me of the classic definition of insanity. That is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. Again good luck on the NaNo

  9. Congrats on hanging in there! You must’ve stumbled over to my blog shortly after getting started, since I remember the BeatBox32 name! And I’m glad you did. You’ve come a long way, and your courage is contagious. Can’t wait to see your byline in print.

  10. What a really nice post. I need to hang out with you more 🙂

    1. Thank you Marie! I would love to hang out with you more! 😀

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