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I’ve been feeling bad about my lack of posts, so I wanted to pop in and share little tidbits that I’ve come across while preparing for my NaNoWriMo attempt.

  • Imagery and the Third Eye by Stephen King. It was written 32 years ago (hard to believe) and I think it spells out one of the key principles to writing good description.
  • How to Critique Fiction by Victory Crayne. This is a fantastic checklist to go through when you’re critiquing not just someone else’s work, but also your own.
  • A writing exercise generator. Not sure what you want to write about today? This is really cool. It gives you a random set of words and a random time/word minimum to write about. Also a bit of focus (e.g. Write at least one compelling character).


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  1. I like the idea of this writing exercise generator. Sounds cool. I may have to check out those other books in the future too. I’m planning on using Stephen King’s “On Writing” and a couple books from NY agent Donald Maass. Ah editing… such a good time right?

    1. Best of luck with the editing Jae! I know that is a full-time job in and of itself. FYI, the Stephen King link is an article, so if you have a few minutes of downtime, well worth the read. The second link is a handy reference webpage as well!

  2. The Stephen King article is a good one. Thanks for posting these, Phillip!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them. The Stephen King article was definitely a great read. I caught myself nodding my head over and over.

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