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Friends, I’ve been remiss in sharing one of my secret weapons for writing inspiration. It took some amazingly kind words about me in Harvey Stanbrough’s journal (Dec 30th) to realize I’d been more then a little selfish, so now I’m sharing. 🙂

It’s not enough that Harvey is a prolific writer (though it really should be enough), but like Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Kathryn Rusch, he shares. Every day, I look forward to receiving his email where he talks about the craft, links to new tools and articles from around the Internet, and also hangs his daily wordcount out there for all to see.

Please check out his website and do yourself a favor–sign up for his mailing list so you don’t miss out on some really valuable content.

Last-Minute Addition: Forgot to mention Harvey has another website here which contains a second blog, plus a bevy of writer resources well worth bookmarking and reviewing when you have time.


2 thoughts on “A Great Resource for Writers

  1. Thanks, Phillip. I do appreciate the nod re the Journal. There’s also roughly half a ton of Writers Resources and other goodies over on my big site at HarveyStanbrough.com. (grin) Thanks again.

  2. Gah! Thanks for noting that, Harvey. Editing this post include that.

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