…no work on my novel was accomplished the past couple of days. By my calculations, my past work week neared a total of 80 hours. My nerves are shot. Just the thought of sitting down at the computer to try and write something for my novel was painful. I had no problems reading, composing some music and watching a movie (Get The Gringo was really fun). But writing for my novel? That just seemed like work and I was sick of work.

“But Phillip,” you ask, “what about your tactic of lying to your brain?” Didn’t stand a chance. I guess I’m on to me.

The on-call shift finally rotates to someone else this week. I’ll likely still be working a lot of hours, but the midnight shifts should be kept to a minimum.

I WILL get back on track this week.


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  1. I know this feeling intimately. Best way to trick your brain? Write with a pen and paper. Even if it is just character scribbles or scene notes, it’s still writing. Your brain will think you’re drawing pictures. Win.

    1. Damn! Should have done that. Thanks Oliver. I’ll definitely try it during the next bump in the road. I actually got some words down today.

      Hope you’re enjoying the Emerald Isle! Let me know if you run in to Brienne…

      Oh wait, that’s sapphires (‘thapireth” according to Vargo).

      Well, let me know if you run into her anyway.

  2. “What about your tactic of lying to your brain?”

    I laughed. Sorry.

    1. It’s okay! I always say that the day I can’t laugh at myself, it’s my time to go!

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