Behind Every Good Man

behind-every-good-manI’ve been supported and inspired by a lot of people on my journey into both being and becoming: my wife, my son, my fellow writers, “thought leaders,” and so on. From time to time, I’ve acknowledged many of you, though likely not often enough.

But there’s one person that deserves special recognition.

There was a Big Bang behind the words you’ve been reading here over the past five years; a Prime Mover responsible for countless challenges followed by countless triumphs.

On a chilly evening in November of 2011, I sat inside a dimly lit Starbucks, talking with this person about life. It had been a semi-regular meeting ground for us and it’s where we’d go to discuss those things that you can only seem to discuss with someone that hits your wavelength.

The memory of that night is, of course, hazy, but a question was posed to me along the lines of “What do you really want to be doing?”

I must have been complaining about work again. I’m still not sure to this day why I spat out, “I want to write a novel.” I feel like I didn’t really want to do that at the time. At least a part of me didn’t. It was just a whim. I’d always received high marks on any writing I’d done in school. I loved stories. I loved imagery. I loved books. Apparently, a part of me decided that I should be putting all of those things together for others to enjoy possibly.

Still, saying I wanted to be a spaceman or a cowboy would have been taken more seriously by a lot of people.

But he didn’t laugh. He didn’t say, “Oh yeah, I could do that if I had the time,” or anything else that would have provoked me to give up the idea that very instant. Instead, he challenged me to start blogging again, something that had been an occasional amusement over the years, but only this time, I ought to focus on the concept of Phillip as Writer.

From this tiny spark, I’ve typed over a million words (and counting), drafted several novels, and written many short stories. Little did I realize the spark would spread flames to every area of my life. The process has been slow and patient, but if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have discovered the tools to quiet my monkey mind. I would be missing out on the capability to disrupt my thinking and attack the same problems from different angles. I would still be overweight and battling numerous bouts of illness a year.

I can see it clearly now as only the passage of time allows. His friendship and advice have empowered me to tear apart my self-imposed limitations.

So I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my friend, and also present the best possible news:

I am no longer the sole benefactor of that friendship and advice.

He’s available to light that spark in any of you. Like Frodo, we’re all on a journey, and as that little Hobbit discovered, it’s better with a Samwise Gamgee at your side.

Please visit if you find yourself needing a listening ear and a nudge from someone who can truly understand and help you.


6 thoughts on “Behind Every Good Man

  1. Excellent post, Phillip. Nice tribute as well.

    1. Thank you, John! As I’m sure you well know, there are people in life that pull you down and those that lift you up. He’s certainly in the latter camp.

  2. Really nice tribute to your friend, Phillip. I often refrain from talking about my writing because too often I only hear, “Oh, yeah, I could be a writer too.” It takes a special person to know when you need to talk about you, not listen to a parrot 😉

    1. So true, Marie. It’s either that response or “Have fun starving!” Thank you for reading!

  3. That is a lovely tribute. We need those encouragers in our lives.

    1. Thank you Marie. Life without those friends would be a sad life indeed.

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