Quiet the Critical Voice

I’ve mentioned my friend and author, Harvey Stanbrough, to you all before, but I wanted to let you know that he’s published a helpful, practical book to help writers get out of their own way: Quiet the Critical Voice You can get it through Smashwords for $8.99 or save 11% and purchase directly from him for $8 even (using PayPal). …

Going Off the Rails

They say that teachers teach in order to learn. It makes sense. It also applies to changing habits. When writing fiction, I, and several others (each word is a separate link you must visit), are constantly preaching the gospel of letting the subconscious creative voice do its thing and tell the story it wants to tell. The critical voice, on …

Write Now Show Interview

A couple of weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and talk about writing with Charlie Redner and Judy Saxon on the Write Now Show. It airs on a local channel within the Laguna Woods retirement community here in Southern California. I was honored to be invited–plus Charlie and Judy were both amazing hosts. I thought I’d …


Dips, Bumps, and Hillocks

Life-rolls. We all have ’em and they usually pop up unexpectedly: family emergencies, day-job crises, and anything else that’s intent on throwing us off plans we’d meticulously put in place. I’d already been leaning too hard in one direction for a while, starting around the first of this year. Much of 2019 has been spent pushing my writing career forward, …

A Brief Update

Howdy, all. I thought I should let everyone know that I’m still alive and kicking, though my foot has found new targets on which to land. 🙂 Just as I was starting to get back on track, my current employer announced an outsourcing plan that could affect my position. That’s added to the life roll I’d already been on and …

2019 Goals - Week 11
Guinness Cake 05

2019 Goals Recap – Week #11

Edit: After a couple of very insightful comments (thanks John and Jill!), I realized this post came off way more angst-filled than intended. Probably a hazard of the very thing I talk about in here–trying to do too much with too little time and hitting “Publish” before giving it a night to rest so I can re-read. Long story short, …

2019 Goals - Week 10

2019 Goals Recap – Week #10

I hope you have a snack or at least a cup of your preferred beverage nearby as this one may (read: will) be a little longer than my usual recaps. 🙂