Circumstances of Childhood by John W. Howell – $0.99 Until Nov 1st!

Circumstances of Childhood   By John W. Howell   Shipping on October 1st. Priced at $0.99 for the introduction. This is a different story for John. It is in the Family Life genre and tells the story of brotherly love, riches to rags, redemption and a little paranormal thrown in. Normally John writes thrillers but this time he has stepped …

Friends with Books and Services

Over the years that I’ve maintained this blog, I’ve met some wonderful people who I hope don’t mind my applying the moniker of friend. They’ve all made wonderful progress over their writing careers and I want those of you may not be aware of them to, well, be aware of them.

INTJs and the Continuing Theme of Fear

I’ve been published! No, not my fiction. Still cruising the streets of Rejectionville there. But friend, author, writing coach, mom, and all-around-Wonder Woman, Lauren Sapala, asked that I write an article for her popular website. **PSSST** If so inclined, please support Lauren by buying a copy of her highly-rated book… Lauren is an INFJ on the popular MBTI inventory (a lot …

Behind Every Good Man

I’ve been supported and inspired by a lot of people on my journey into both being and becoming: my wife, my son, my fellow writers, “thought leaders,” and so on. From time to time, I’ve acknowledged many of you, though likely not often enough. But there’s one person that deserves special recognition.

My kingdom for a bear riding a snowmobile!

Want to read some insightful and humorous material about writing? My friend Oliver has started a series on his blog called Craft and Draft. He weaves a good yarn with Crayons, Photoshop and Legos. I can’t recommend it enough, so check it out now! -beatbox32

start immediately…

Check out Doug Lance’s podcast interview at The Kindle Chronicles! He tells a great story about his work on eFiction and has sage advice for those looking to start their own projects. -beatbox32