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California Gold Rush Country – Day One

I like having things to do on trips, but I’m not one to draw up detailed itineraries. Rigidity kills the spirit or at least throws a wet blanket over its head. Though initially planned as a research outing, I was bringing my wife along to California Gold Rush country. Her interests are not my own. I didn’t want to be …

Gold Rush Trip – Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek from day one… so glad my wife knows how to handle a camera. You wouldn’t want to see my attempts. Today we’re rappelling 165 feet down a cave. – Phillip


Omaha Union Station

I had a little more time to sightsee yesterday. Just up the road from my hotel is The Durham Museum. Even if you’re not a train and railroad buff, which I’m not, the museum still proves interesting. And it’s not just an homage to Omaha’s part in the great interconnectedness of 19th and 20th century America, but also to trains …

Omaha on a Saturday Morning

This is the view from my hotel room on a Saturday Morning. We’re looking North-Eastish here, with downtown Omaha beginning on your left sweeping right towards Iowa just across the bridge. The nice grassy area in front is part of the ConAgra headquarters. My apologies for the poor panorama. I haven’t quite nailed that feature on my phone yet… Fingers …

Philly Trip Teaser

A full report of the trip coming soon…soon being highly relative with NaNoWriMo around the corner. -Phillip

"Where is beatbox32?" redux

I’m back home. Toronto was hot. Like, really hot. I grew up in the Mojave Desert region of California where in the summer, the mercury often threatens to punch through the top of the thermometer around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. But it’s typically, as we say, a dry heat. Not so this previous week. I’m just glad I packed enough clothes …

meet the new york, (not quite the) same as the old york…

In between the odd working hours and sightseeing, I’ve found some time to pop out an “I’m alive” post. The weather in New York has been nothing short of amazing for this time of year. To think back of the blizzard a couple of years ago, it’s a huge contrast. I had to take off my jacket a few times …

cause i'm leavin' on a jet plane…

February 25th is when I’ll be back again. I’m heading out to New York for the opening of the new office that I set up last month. At the advice of my wife (my newest blog reader by the way), this time I’m equipped with a better jacket and I’m not forgetting my beanie! I’m really looking forward to the …

doomsday, NE…

As I recuperate from my travels and stew over my next story, I thought I’d upload some photos I snapped in Omaha (not the greatest quality since I used my cell phone). The town has a very interesting feel. During the weekdays, it was as if everyone stayed inside to avoid certain death. The streets were practically empty. Folks would …