Clyde Penny's First Day
Clyde Penny's First Day
Clyde Penny's First Day
Clyde Penny's First Day

Clyde Penny's First Day

“At least he dies quietly.”


“In a sense. At some point, he will just start over in receiving.”


“Does that trouble you?”

“Well, no. It just seems…”

The small man raised an eyebrow. “Excessive?”

“Not exactly the word I was looking for, but sure. I mean, what did the guy do?”

“Who cares?”

“Who cares?”

“Yes, who cares? I have a business to run here, Mr. Penny. Shareholders to answer to. I let the Judge worry about the ‘whys.'”

The walking tour was getting under Clyde’s skin. His underarms were soaked and he didn’t know how many more mutilated, undying corpses he could face before his lunch forcefully ejected itself.

The two of them left the lobby and moved into a series of blinding passages. It took a minute for Clyde’s eyes to adjust.

“The fire caves are brilliant, don’t you think?”

Clyde looked up. It reminded him of the countless Tennessee caves he explored as a kid. Flames flowed like water. He need only pretend that the fire was a stone ceiling.

The small man gave him no time to reply.

“My idea, of course.”

Another hundred yards and they arrived at a pair of sawhorses holding up a piece of plywood. A dusty, ten-foot stack of papers and a tiny nameplate were sitting on top.

The small man reached out for a shake.

“I apologize for your missing chair. We needed the firewood, but should have something for you by next millennium.”

Speechless, Clyde took the clammy hand into his own.

“And so concludes your tour. Welcome aboard. If you need anything, please hesitate to ask. If you really need something, just head down the Endless Hall and make a right at the Torturematic. Ask for Betsy. You can’t miss her, or should I say, her smell.”

The small man left as abruptly as he’d shown up.

Clyde stood in front of his desk and chewed over his fate. It was going to be a long day.

He pulled a small stone out of his pocket. Upon his arrival, it had been promptly attached to his waist with an unbreakable piece of golden twine. He stared down at the words finely etched onto one side:

Clyde Penny, Age 7, 1944, May 12th, 11:38AM EST – Watson’s Drug Store – Stole a pack of gum.

This bit of dark, comedic flash fiction was the result of pulling two random sentences from two random novels (one is from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, the other is from Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon).


0 thoughts on “Clyde Penny's First Day

  1. Nice 🙂 Loved the touches of humour, especially the ‘please hesitate to ask’ line. LOL’d at that one. Guess your indiscretions are always remembered by someone…I always thought it was my wife though.

    See you put it on Wattpad as well. Good stuff. I’ve found it’s slow going at first (and I’m not doing anything to push people there really), but it helps keep me focussed and feels like I’m producing something at these early stages. Hope to see more of you over there,

    1. Haha. Wives never forget indiscretions (though husbands remember a lot too)!

      So far as Wattpad, I’m definitely still feeling my way around it. It looks like you’ve already gathered some followers, so that’s great!

  2. Phillip, you devil (no pun intended) This was great. If one does worse crimes does the stone get bigger?

    1. Thank you, John. That’s a great question. Hmm, maybe calling for a sequel…

  3. Nice, Phillip! Now you have me wondering if Betsy wore too much perfume or perhaps, not enough.

    1. Thank you Jill. I like your take of TOO much perfume, but I leave the offending odor to the reader’s imagination! 😉

  4. I really enjoyed this, Phillip! I wasn’t sure about the setting until mention of the fire caves. Oh, dear, poor Clyde! I love how you tie the beginning and end together: Clyde’s concern with what did the guy do, the small man’s response of “Who cares?” and then the end with revealing Clyde’s own “crime.” A good story to encourage not-so-random acts of kindness and honesty 😉

    1. Thank you Marie! Glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to write. 🙂

  5. Now this is a great cautionary tale that you can share with the young ones down the line! 😀

  6. […] It’s been a long while since I posted a Weekly Recap. In all fairness to myself (it’s good to be fair to yourself every once in awhile), I’ve been spending a lot of writing time on Wolf’s Tail and other fiction. […]

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