Colin Mobey’s Leadership Coaching

I wanted to take a moment to spread the word about Colin Mobey, my mate-from-across-the-pond, and in particular, Windward Coaching, his venture into leadership coaching.

Colin’s been a loyal supporter of this blog for many years. He’s seen the varied struggles I’ve gone through and the wins that I’ve achieved. Lent the left ear when I’ve vented and the right ear when I’ve celebrated.

We can all use a mentor in our lives and we can all certainly use leadership skills, whether we’re leading others or just leading ourselves toward being something greater than what we are today.

So, take a minute, enjoy some of the cheeky videos, follow his blog, and if you feel Colin can you help you in any way, reach out to him on LinkedIn.


4 thoughts on “Colin Mobey’s Leadership Coaching

  1. Mate. I’m in bits here. I love writing. I love the world it revealed for me. The connections I made. The friends I made.

    This might be a friendship based on typing but it means a hell of a lot 😊

    Thank you so much for sharing. It’s been a pleasure to sit and watch your journey – one I know will keep on going for a long long time. Can’t wait 😊

  2. Harvey StanbroughJuly 22, 2019 at 11:10 am

    Thanks for the links, Phillip. I’ve added Colin’s website to my daily read file and will share bits from there (links) as appropriate to the Journal.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for checking out his stuff, Harvey.

    2. Thanks Harvey. It really is appreciated. Hope you find my bits interesting 😉

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