craft, she be a fickle beast…

Craft is a funny thing (I hesitate to call my writing art)… The ebb and flow of creativity drives me insane since it’s so tightly coupled with motivation. No good ideas, no desire to write. The writing becomes a chore and my wife will happily vent to you about my track record on those.

To me, the whole system is akin to the ‘fountain show” at The Bellagio in Las Vegas (here’s a video for those who have never been). Music, lights and shooting water come together in a glorious cacophony to amuse observers every 30 minutes in the afternoon and then every 15 minutes in the evening until midnight. The rest of the time, you just have a dirty pond that’s probably attracting mosquitoes and spreading malaria. Not really, but you get my drift.

To give you an idea of the writing process behind Search and Destroy, here’s a rough timeline of events:

Day 1:

Recuperating slowly from a vicious stomach flu drive-by, my subconscious is seeking revenge. A thought bubbles up from my stomach and into my withered brain. The concept of an epic battle between the cells in my body and the enemy virus is born! Genius!

Day 2:

I initially thought about portraying Antibody-2648-B as a soldier about to be sent off to fight in a larger war, and biologically, that probably makes a lot more sense. But I went for the Rocky-ish metaphor instead. Why? Don’t know why. Maybe I had Eye of the Tiger stuck in my head? That happens a lot.

Day 3:

The gym scene was like something out of a Black Friday sale. The doors of my fingertips opened and all of the words pushed and shoved their way onto the screen. It was too easy.

Day 4:

Okay, now what. I obviously need a fight scene, but I want to provide a bit more exposition on the character. I don’t know what he should be like. Well, let me skip this part and get to the fight scene.

Day 5:

What the *bleep* was I thinking?! I don’t know how to write a boxing scene. This si gonna be horrible. Let me just get back to the character again.

Day 6:

Gah! Why did I think I could write this?! I’m just gonna step away for a bit… wait until I get more motivated.

Day 14:

Alright, I just need to finish the story. I must have royally pissed off my muse, because I don’t have any inkling of where to go with this. I’m just going to start writing whatever comes to mind and fix it later.

Day 15:

Hmm. Okay, this just might work. Let me do a bit more research on antibodies and boxing.

Day 17:

Publish! Publish!


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  1. Writing a story of that goodness (hehe I like that word) in 16 days is actually great, I think. I don’t know how long ago you started writing, but the more you write the easier it is to get ideas out.

    When you wanna write something you’re unfamiliar with, the boring (or sometimes fun) part comes in. Research.

    Sometimes, it’s hard. Sometimes, it’s easy. The important thing is to write anyway.

    Do you know what NaNoWriMo is? You try and write 50,000 words on a novel or a 50k work novel in a month. I won, and then I was afraid I wouldn’t write anymore. A friend (I cant link right now, I’m on my phone) gave me advice. Keep blogging. As long as you’re writing, that’s the important part.

    1. You’re so write (right) ottabelle! Right after I finished that story – and it did end up taking me around 16 days, give or take a couple – I immediately began another and the words just kept pouring out. It was awesome!

      Congratulations on the NaNoWriMo win! That’s a huge achievement and I’m in awe. I found out about it halfway through November so I never really started on it. But it did motivate me to go ahead and tackle writing a novel.

      Is it available to be purchased/read somewhere?


      1. Yay for a new story and for being inspired! That’s the spirit!

        And not yet, it’s still it’s a work in progress but it’s getting there. I’m stalled right now, hoping it gets better soon. Just need to write

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