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The Daily Prompt had a good one today and I couldn’t pass up posting about it:

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

Even if I received guarantees that my life wouldn’t be forfeit if I named anyone but my wife, I still couldn’t think of anyone else who would mean more to me.

So how would my life be turned upside down? Just to name a few ways…

  • I’d still be wearing striped t-shirts with plaid jackets.
  • I’d still be wearing gray socks with Birkenstock sandals.
  • I’d probably be well past my third attempt at substituting dishwashing soap for dishwashing detergent and wondering why my dishwasher is flooding the kitchen floor with bubbly water.
  • I probably wouldn’t have the courage to write.
  • I probably wouldn’t have gotten as far in my career without her encouragement and confidence in me.
  • I probably would be lacking the backbone she’s helped me build.
  • My musical compositions wouldn’t see the light of day, but her short films have given me a vehicle.

This list could suck up all your bandwidth if I ever completed it, so I’ll just stop now. Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!


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  6. So cute, Phillip. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone in your life that means so much? I’m travelling at the moment and had to say goodbye to my boyfriend, which was tough – I posted about it today, and even though I’ve been okay, going back and writing about leaving him made me all sad again.
    My dad is not the person to talk about feelings, he’s never said I love you to my mum or me. But I remember in an argument when my mum finally said – I may as well go, you don’t care about me. He stared at her and said: don’t you know you’re my backbone. Mum said that line beat a million I love yous!

    1. Thanks for your reply Gabriela! I’m heading right over to read your post before I finish this reply!
      …I’m back and I swear someone is chopping onions! I’ll reply more on your entry but…
      On the one hand, I feel for you and the break from your boyfriend.
      On the other, I’m jealous of how much you’ve traveled! It seems like you’ve really embraced much of what this world has to offer.

      Back to your comment; charming story about your parents! I’m afraid I fit the mold of the unemotional male all too well. I have to consciously remind myself to show my affections, and of course I think I get a lot of that from my father. Though I believe “monkey see, monkey do” applies, I’m convinced there has to be a genetic component!

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