Day Sixteen – A Revelation

1,156 words so far today.

I’ve hit a total of 15,556 (just realized how oddly that connects with today’s word count) since beginning the first draft of my first novel. To be honest, I never thought I’d get that far. I don’t know what it is that’s allowed me to finally do it. Especially since I’ve been working so many hours on the day job these past couple of weeks. Every day is new territory for me.

I friggin’ love it!

Though I’ve also come to realize something recently. Tracking word count is good for general progress, but I shouldn’t worry how it lines up with my ‘final’ word count goal of 90,000. That’s what I’m shooting for in this novel, but I’m finding a lot of spots that I will both expand and cut back when I begin draft number two. Right now, I’m really just focusing on spitting out the generalities of each scene before I ‘lose’ them in my mind. I guess that’s the right thing to be doing, at least for me. I will come back with a fine toothed comb and make sure it looks pretty and the internal logic is consistent.


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  1. Getting those scenes out before you “lose” them is how I operate best, as well. And if you’re like me, never tell anyone about those scenes or your book idea. It’s like doing so takes out the desire to have to put it down on paper.

    The story just wants to be told. It doesn’t care about the format, and you’ve probably learned by now (as I have) that telling a great story at dinner or in the barbershop doesn’t pay the bills.

    1. Yeah I think you’re right. I’ve stopped trying to tell my wife anything about what I’m working on, not just because of what you mentioned, but by the time I’m finished, it may have changed directions completely!

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