engrossed brains often overlook key signals…

I may work in IT, but I am definitely a Luddite when it comes to books. They do a number on my senses – I love the feel of turning pages, the smell of the paper and the visuals of the covers. I appreciate that fact that I don’t have to worry about the batteries giving up the ghost and leaving my characters stranded.

But there’s one thing I hate about them. They take up so much space – in my house (now invading my garage) and when I travel. I’ve been casually considering an electronic reader for the past month.

Anyone out there with opinions on the various devices out there? Love this one, hate that one?


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  1. (Sorry again!)

    I’ve had a Kindle in my Amazon Shopping cart more times than I can count. I’ve alllllmooossttt bought one about 20 times. It’s like a last hold out of my psyche; like if I buy it, my mortal, literati soul is doomed.

    My dad has one, it’s pretty cool. I agree with the space problem created by books, especially if you’re trying to travel light. But books are awesome! Ink and paper and spines and cover art and the smell and oh so much whimsy.

    Tough, subjective call. Not sure I’ll ever actually get one, unless I see a time in my life when finding print books is difficult. My solution is to work hard, earn more money, and buy a house with more rooms to fill with books. Super practical.

    1. Hah! It could have easily been me typing that first and last paragraph. Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc… all of them have entered my shopping cart at one point or another. And my dream is to have a house with a real-deal library. It would have a gaudy fireplace and lots of comfy seating. Someday!

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