Flash Fiction Contest #1

If you’re tired of hearing me rant and complain about writing, you’re in luck! I decided to try something different and encourage reader participation.

I would like you folks to submit a short story, 1000 words max, based on the following random YouTube video prompt:

Due Date: Friday, April 20th at 11:59PM PDT

Method of entry: Post a link to your story in the comments of this post.

How to win: On April 21st, I’ll post a list of links to all the entries, along with a reader poll. I will leave this poll up for a week and then it will be closed at some point on April 28th.

The prize: The top two stories in the reader poll will net each of their authors a $20 Amazon gift card.

The rules: I don’t like a lot of rules, but I want this to be fair:

  • Only 1 entry per author is allowed.
  • Please just be honest in general with your votes when the poll comes up

Good luck and thanks for participating. This is all a big experiment for me, so I apologize for any kinks in the process. I hope you guys have fun flexing your writing muscles and I can’t wait to read all of the submissions!


0 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Contest #1

    1. Cool! Looking forward to your submission Oliver.

  1. Gabrielle CastilloApril 11, 2012 at 9:44 pm

    So this seems like a cool contest. Here’s my go at it! Good luck everyone!


    1. Thanks for your submission Gabrielle! Good luck to you!

  2. 600 words down, this will be a tough word count to follow. Challenge most definitely accepted.

  3. I’m going down somewhere in the Russian highlands. Fuck. there goes another engine. Losing altitude. Ten thousand. Ten thou-five. Nine thousand. I can’t watch the altimeter. This is a dream. Pull up dammit. Pull hard. Mary, I’m sorry. The kids, they’re going to be alone.

    “Fuck!” No one hears me.

    I can hear the stale ruskie wind whistle through the gaps of my aircraft. My mouth tastes like old pennies. As the ground rushes to meet me, I can only think about Mary: her eyes with a hint of tears, the smell of her sweet hair, and the way her hips sashay after laying in bed too long.

    “God fucking damnit!” The oxygen mask stifles my voice.

    It can’t end like this. Not like this. It was never supposed to end like this. The sun is going down. nO one will find me out here. I’m a thousand miles from anyone. And even if they pick up the homing beacon, it will take a week at least for them to find me. And even if they do find me, I’m the enemy. Chances are they’ll shoot and ask questions later. God damn this mission. And god damn Captain Johnson. Fuck.

    Not like this. Fuck. I just clipped a tree. Eject. Eject! Damnit. It won’t fire. I can’t get out. Here comes another tree. It hit the base of the wing. I’m spinning now. I can’t feel my feet. The gees are too strong. Another tree. I’m done.

    Is that a cliff? Maybe I can get some speed dropping a few thousand more feet and kick one of these engines into firing. This might not be it. Here we go. Nose down. Straigten the tail. No more spin. We’re leveling out. Gaining speed. This will be close. Few hundred more feet. Fire the engine. No dice. Fire again. Nothing. One more time. I can hear it spin. Its roaring! Let’s get out of here.

    The sky is so beautful. How fast am I going? The ground is dissolving. I gained a lot of altitude. I’m in the clouds. My wings don’t look too beat up. In fact, I think I can make it home. Some one taps me on my shoulder. I turn and it’s Mary. She looks beautiful: her eyes with a hint of tears, I can smell her sweet hair, and she is here with me now in the clouds above Russia.

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  5. Here is my entry: http://anovelistidea.com/2012/04/12/flash-writing-contest-entry/

    I’m not sure what the inspiration behind the story was lol but I like having a random topic to write about now and then

    1. That’s what this is all about James; I’m really excited to see all of the different vibes and ideas that the video sparks. Thanks for participating!

  6. Rim patrol is boring. No surprise; that’s why it’s called the Rim. Nothing there but the nebulous shapes of distant galaxies. Only a whiff of electron-stripped hydrogen drifting in from the empty space between.

    So when old-fashioned active radar bounces back off something planar — something flat — that is high excitement.

    Who do I kid? It’s only happened once. Never so much as a meteorite has sent back a ping in our six months sweeping the edge of the Milky Way.

    We spent thirty hours matching speed and vector. It was drifting, but we hadn’t been. It was tumbling and invisible in the almost nonexistent glow of distant starlight. The radar’s IR showed something square, rectangular, around a meter on the long side. And flimsy, not reflecting a hard signal. We could’ve missed it if our vector had been a light-second off the galactic plane.

    We stopped the ship’s rotation, went to zero gee so we could haul the thing in. Johnson suited up and took the space walk. When he brought the thing back and the service bay repressurized I abandoned post and poked my head through the hatch.

    “What is it?” My heart was beating so fast I was sweating and a drip drifted off my nose.

    Johnson’s visor was open and he held the thing carefully in gloved fingertips. It looked like … cardboard. Written on with a faded black marker.

    “It’s a sign,” Johnson said at last. “It’s a bloody sign.”

    NOTHING TO SEE HERE, read the scrawl.

    Johnson tweaked it and it spun slowly around. On the opposite side was a printed line of heavy black dashes, two thick arrow pointers and the words, KEEP THIS END UP.

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