"Higher Minds" – My New Short Story!

Hello friends!

If you find yourself so inclined, I would appreciate you taking a few minutes to swing by LitReactor and read/rate Higher Minds, the story I’ve submitted for their Teleport Us contest.

I spent a considerable amount of time the past couple of weeks putting it together. Much thanks goes out to my wife and Oliver for their amazing contributions to generating ideas, reviewing and editing. And I can’t forget the rest of you who visit my blog and who’s blogs I also visit. You guys are the best inspiration a newbie writer could ask for.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Brady is a 14-year old girl whose life is about to change. A bright kid with an artistic flair, she’s been chosen for admission into Higher Minds, a prestigious government program that handpicks the world’s most promising young thinkers. Brady’s apprehensive about losing the freedom to determine her own future, but should that be her greatest concern?

I would appreciate any feedback you may have. I’m so relieved to have finished a story. It’s been a long time, but it has my blood pumping to start the next one.


0 thoughts on “"Higher Minds" – My New Short Story!

  1. Hi Phillip, I was going to read your short story but the text in the PDF was beyond the ability of my vision, extremely pale 🙁 I don’t know whether you can do anything about it now…

    1. Gah! Thanks for mentioning that Steve and for wanting to read. My apologies for the light text. I uploaded as Word DOC now instead. It appears a little darker to me. Let me know! Thanks again.

      1. No problem, Phillip 🙂 I’ll download it but I’m out most of today. I’ll try to read it this evening if I’m not wiped out (I don’t travel well).

  2. My life’s hell, right now, Phillip, but I registered and downloaded it and will read it soon. Much love from Oak Ridge…

    1. Stan my man… (first time you heard that one, right?) Sorry to hear that things aren’t going great on your end. I know I’m on the other side of the country, but If there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know.

      I appreciate you taking the time to even register. Take care of what you gotta take care of!

      1. Oh, sorry, man. I need to be clearer. : )

        Things are going well, just super busy with work! But I want to read your piece as soon as I can. I just know you get nervous when you put somehting up and then you don’t hear from your entire crew. Well, at least I do, anyway. : )

        1. Whew! Glad to hear it’s just work. I know how that can be, so don’t even sweat it. Voting last until the end of March! Appreciate you checking in, because you are right…putting something out there is always a little nerve wracking.

  3. Sorry it took so long, Phillip! I’ve voted and commented on LitReactor but just wanted to record here, too, how much I enjoyed your story! All I’ll say beyond that here is: Bravo! Ehcore!

    1. Hi Steve. Not a problem at all! I sincerely thank you for taking the time to register over there, vote, and leave a review. I’m also ecstatic that you enjoyed the story! Once I figured out the direction, it just began to flow. I can’t wait to tackle my next bit of writing.

      1. Personally, I tend to “go with the flow” with most of my writing LOL. If you carry on writing like this, then your future works will be well worth reading! 🙂

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