How to Peer Edit

How to Peer Edit.

Go, quickly, and savor what Oliver has to say about critiquing the work of your fellow authors. In the list of the top five things a writer can do to improve his craft (no, I have no idea what the other four are), analyzing and discussing another’s piece of work is near the top.

It’s really one of the few opportunities in this world that is truly win-win. Why wouldn’t you do it?


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  1. My former classmates and I critique each other’s manuscripts. Their comments are helpful and humbling. I’ve also edited books for publishers–sometimes a thankless experience. We authors are delicate flowers sometimes. We don’t like anyone to mess with our words. 🙂

    1. So true. We do get very protective of what we say. I guess that’s part of the learning process….trying to figure out which words of ours are sacred and which we can safely trade for better ones!

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