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Well, I now have two (very) short stories under my belt. I feel like this is progress, because this time last year, that number was hovering around, oh…. zero. I’m not sure where my next project will take me, but I can say that practice makes perfect. I feel like I did a better job of writing my last story, in a multitude of ways,  and that’s really all that one can hope for… to improve.

With that said, I’ve begun to look for writing contests and websites that will usher in a larger audience and provide more inputs into the feedback loop. I’ve signed up for Figment, but I’m a bit on the fence about it so far. It mainly seems to be a place for writers to massage each others egos without providing any real criticism (not that I’m against massaging of egos). I’ve also entered my two recent stories into the Atlantis Short Story Competition.

Anyone out there with other suggestions?


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  1. Chuck Wendig of TerribleMinds does Flash Fiction contests on Fridays. They’re kind of random. He’ll put out a topic and a length, and you just write whatever you want as long as it meets the requirements. He even gives out prizes!

    I’ve entered a few. They’re pretty fun, and help strengthen the versatility of your writing.

    Other than that, just spend some time pouring over Google searches. There are a lot of genre-specific contests out there, and a lot of schools have contests for web content, etc.

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