Mind the Gap

If you haven’t noticed already, there have been some changes around here…

In an effort to make this site a little more reader-focused, I’ve changed the look as well as the priority of content being served up. If you land on my homepage now, you’ll see a list of books I’ve written and (hopefully) convenient ways to get them in your grubby hands.

If you’d like to hear my ramblings on mostly writing, you can still find me posting, but now in the new Blog section. If you’re subscribed via email or RSS, nothing should change.

All that being said–pretty, pretty, please, with a cherry on top, if you come across anything weird or just plain wrong (besides me), let me know!

Thanks for your support on this nearly decade-long journey, everyone. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

  1. You are doing what I hope to be doing soon … just need some quality time away from my day job 😉

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely something that had been on my backburner for awhile. Luckily, my GoDaddy account provides a staging site where I can make adjustments here and there and then just push it to the production site when it’s mostly said and done!

  2. Love, love, love the new design! Colour scheme is really engaging, and the photography of your work is ace. So good to see you creating content again – my weeks aren’t the same without your blog posts bringing me insight. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. Have been reading your posts (I had problems posting – technical issues my end, resolved now). But I’ve also gone in a radically different direction – Mindset Coaching! Loads of non-fiction on the go on my new blog, Facebook and Linkedin while the fiction takes a backseat for a while. Loving it (and still stealing all the tips and tricks you share). Hope you’re all well. Speak soon. Col.

    1. Awesome! Glad you like the new look (I’ll pass the kudos on to my wife for her mad photography skills). 🙂 And that’s very cool about your new direction! Mindset is such a huge part of taking on any challenging task. Do you already have your new blog up? I’d love to help you push it out there if that’s okay with you.

      1. Your wife certainly has an eye for it! Thanks matey, it’s an incredibly exciting, fun, and fulfilling time for me at the moment. Long may it continue! Kind of you to look at things matey – I’m over at windwardcoaching.com, although I’m mostly active on LinkedIn these days as that’s where the majority of my market is (I copy most stuff to my blog, but my interactions are on LI). Speak soon.

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