Nobody's Perfect

Not even you.

Has someone done something to offend you? Piss you off? Oftentimes it happens by accident. We can be oblivious to how we affect people.

But just as often, the slight is done on purpose. Try to remember something — that person has a reason for their behavior, even if they don’t realize it themselves. It’s usually their way of reassuring themselves about something they feel vulnerable about.

This post is just a tiny reminder, both for myself and anyone else who may be reading. The next time someone says or does something hurtful, take a deep breath (or two) before you react.


0 thoughts on “Nobody's Perfect

  1. Nice little reminder. I strive to avoid as much unnecessary drama as possible (although some is, sadly, unavoidable).

    When someone is angry, it usually has nothing to do with you or the situation. It’s usually a projection of other attitude or issue that just happened to manifest during an exchange with you. I try to remember this when people are yelling for what seems like no reason.

    1. Another great point. Thanks for chiming in, Oliver. It’s very easy to take our anger out on the innocent.

  2. I have nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. I know, I know Awards right? This one is a good one. Go here for details:

    1. Thank you for the nomination John! I appreciate you stopping by the blog. 🙂

  3. Fantastic and timely advice for me. As I’ve gotten a little older and maybe a little wiser I realize it’s the relationships or friendships that matter, and the little offenses should be addressed, then forgotten—if the relationship is important to you. Thanks!

    1. Very well said, Jae. If the relationship matters, we should be willing to set aside our anger and grudges.

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