Onward and Upward

My apologies for the long absence. That’s just the way my life is at this point in time–first you see me, then you don’t. Then you see me, then you don’t.

That tempo has taken some getting used to. It’s not ideal. It’s tough to have all of this momentum and then have to come full stop due to other life obligations, only to build back up to being productive again.

Still, I’ve managed to adjust. I can’t get discouraged and I can’t lose site of the long-term target–making a living through my fiction (IP). Whatever free time I can hornswoggle these days, I have to spend it on writing and publishing.

All of which leads me to some big news.

I’ve finished what I can officially call my first novel.

Yeah, I’ve written ‘novels’ before, but they were often just a string of awkward scenes that went nowhere, filled with characters that did nothing. To me, these didn’t count as novels, mostly because I never finished them.

But now, I have one in the can! It’s out to some first readers at the moment. I can’t wait to publish it!

But I will.


Because I’m already wading into my next novel, and based on everything I’ve read about Amazon sales algorithms, it makes sense to release books in a wave. Book one gets pushed out to the world, building momentum. A couple of weeks later, book two comes up, maintaining the momentum before little ol’ me gets lots in the great shuffle.

For those that have gone through this release rodeo before, I’d love to hear any advice or lessons learned along the way.

I also wanted to drop this message off before heading out for a long family vacation. We’ll be in New Mexico for the great Balloon Fiesta, followed by a trip to the Grand Canyon, the Show Low International Film Festival where my wife’s documentary is showing, and then back home.

Yeah…gonna need a vacation from the vacation. 🙂

But I’m really looking forward to making some family memories.

Take care everyone. Chat with you soon!


7 thoughts on “Onward and Upward

  1. Congrats, Phillip, especially for starting your next novel. I don’t personally celebrate finishing, but I do celebrate beginning. 🙂

    Frequency of publication depends on the individual. For awhile, I released a new novel every month, Doing that enabled me to build an unpublished “backlist,” which removed any pressure to publish from my writing process. In other words, I didn’t worry about writing something (or finishing something) in time to publish it because I had several finished and waiting in the wings.I’m not necessarily recommending it, but it worked for me.

    You could also release two novels per year with a 6-month interval or four per year with a 3-month interval or whatever. Again, depending on how long it takes you to write a novel. I average 20-25 days to write a novel, so once a month worked for me for a publication schedule.

    1. I try to celebrate both, especially when finishing longer pieces is sort of a new thing for me. 😉

      I greatly appreciate hearing your method on publishing as well. At my current pace, and assuming I average out the length of my first novel (82k words), I can comfortably get out 3 novels a year. I’d love to get more out there, and maybe I’ll find a way to do so eventually, but hey…that’s three more than last year. 😀

  2. Congrats on the novel. Have a great vacation

    1. Thanks, John. Looking forward to the trip!

    1. Thank you, Jill!!

  3. Hey, enjoy your vacation, Phillip! By the way, I sent you some feedback on your novel via email. Please let me know if it falls through the cracks and I’ll send again. Make some good memories!

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