PES Friday: This Week’s Recommended Reads – 11/2/2018

I meant to post something outside of #pesfriday this week but never got around to it. So expect that next week. And then expect some other really exciting news within the month of November as well. If you’re #NaNoWriMoing, I wish you luck! You got this!


The Two Children by Emily Bronte

Child of Delight! with sunbright hair
And seablue, sea-deep eyes;
Spirit of Bliss, what brings thee here,
Beneath these sullen skies?

Loved this. Apparently, the theme of two children is a common one among Emily Bronte’s work.


Karate Kid by Alex Prewitt in Sports Illustrated (July 2-9 2018)

EKINS: We had a fly wrangler.

If you’re of the age, like me, where this movie made a huge impact on you as a kid, this is a worthy behind-the-scenes look with interviews from various folks involved.

Short Story

At Briny Ranch (Starts on page 23 in the book preview) by Stephen Chalmers

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” said Jim, quickly. “We ain’t worryin’,” he added, with a peculiar chuckle, as he knocked the ashes out of his pipe against the heel of a big sea-boot.

Started a new Barnes and Noble anthology–this one is all about thrillers. At Briny Ranch really caught my attention for the voice and setting and it’s a shame I can’t find much else by Stephen Chalmers (not even a Wikipedia entry!). This story was a fantastic study piece for character.

Happy Friday!


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