PES Friday: This Week’s Recommended Reads – 5/25/2018

I won’t bore you with the struggle I’ve been facing with my latest story. I’m just glad I have a creative wife who I can come to for advice and who always steers me in a better direction. It’s nice to have someone you can count on!


Adonais by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The breath whose might I have invok’d in song
Descends on me; my spirit’s bark is driven,
Far from the shore, far from the trembling throng
Whose sails were never to the tempest given;
The massy earth and sphered skies are riven!
I am borne darkly, fearfully, afar;
Whilst, burning through the inmost veil of Heaven,
The soul of Adonais, like a star,
Beacons from the abode where the Eternal are.

An elegy to Percy’s friend, John Keats.


Saving Miss Vanessa by Robin Marantz Henig in Smithsonian Magazine (April 2018)

“My mom was devastated,” Keara says. Keara told her mother not to listen to the doctor’s dire prediction. “I said to her, ‘The devil was a liar—we are not going to let this happen.’”

Fascinating article on the latest research regarding immunotherapy–using the body’s own T-cells to fight cancer.

Short Story

The Final Verse by Chet Williamson in Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (May/June 2011)

Last Saturday, I picked up several gently-used issues of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine at my favorite used bookstore. I cracked this one open and was blown away by the first short story. I’m continually flabbergasted at the number of talented writers out there that I have not yet discovered. The voice on this piece was dynamo–An older country-singer-gone-bluegrass learns that the missing verse of a famous song has finally been found. The catch is that it’s supposedly only known by a family that may or may not still be living deep in the Great Smoky Mountains of Appalachia. Everything just really comes together at the end.

If you can find this issue, get it.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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