PES Friday: This Week’s Recommended Reads – 8/31/2018

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Ode to Indolence by John Keats

The blissful cloud of summer-indolence
Benumb’d my eyes; my pulse grew less and less;
Pain had no sting, and pleasure’s wreath no flower:
O, why did ye not melt, and leave my sense
Unhaunted quite of all but—nothingness?

This poem brought to mind the dichotomy of crafting art and the simultaneous urge to avoid the seemingly required hard work.


Picasso, Genius by Claudia Kalb in National Geographic (May 2018)

Picasso’s art was never meant to please. He avoided commissions, instead painting what he wanted and expecting people to be interested, his son says.

This is a wonderful article that any creative person should read. Picasso was prolific in so many art forms and it was always about creating what he wanted to create, not the market. We should all take a lesson here and be our genuine selves–that’s what other people find interesting.

Short Story

Dead Confederates by Ron Rash

An awesome story about a couple of poor Southerners–one a schemer, one needing money to pay for his mother’s medical bills. They go digging up the graves of dead Confederate soldiers, looking to sell their accouterments for a sweet sum. Great ending.

Happy Friday!


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  1. Love the poem, Phillip! Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. Thanks, Jill! Hope you have a great holiday weekend as well! I definitely need it… 🙂

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