Princess Soup-Bone – The Process

Princess Soup-Bone is story number nineteen in the #52ShortStories challenge.

**SPOILERS BELOW. If you have not read the story and want to be (hopefully) surprised, come back to this when you’re done.**

I felt like doing another historical piece this time around, set in my favorite California Gold Rush era; only, this time, I wanted to emphasize a straightforward tale with the supernatural elements only playing a small part (if any…up to the reader to judge what was really going on here).

I also wanted to practice my character separations, meaning that I really wanted each character to come off as well-integrated in the setting but entirely distinct. Making Luca and Johnny rather FOB immigrants made it a little easier to give them distinctive dialog with slightly broken English. I wanted Davis to be a more educated type of fellow, and of course, the gambler was just your stereotypical silver-tongued cardsharp.

It was a nice break to write this one in a more realistic vein than most of my work. I’ve been reading a lot of literary short stories lately, most of them written in the 19th and early-20th centuries, so I think some of that has been rubbing off. The title itself was inspired by Sherwood Anderson’s A Death in the Woods (Oh, if only I could write such a striking story).

Hope you enjoyed another one of my subconscious’s creations!

Here’s the general scratch file:

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