put it away 'til you're old and gray…

Well, maybe not that long.

A few days ago, I was “correcting” items in my latest short story when something hit me – I was losing myself in the trees of this beautiful forest I’d been planting. By taking an axe to some branches here and some stumps there, I was doing harm and anyone in an airplane looking down would say, “There’s the occasional pretty grouping of trees but that forest is pretty scattered.”

That’s when I decided to take Stephen King’s advice and just step away for awhile. I fought back my fear and finally started my novel. I’ll work on that for a little while until I forget my short story. I want to come back to it with fresh eyes and see a new, but familiar tale.


0 thoughts on “put it away 'til you're old and gray…

    1. Thanks Ottabelle! Gonna need it. 🙂

  1. Multiple projects are always a great idea. My GoogleDocs looks like a graveyard of ideas with random tombstones of notes. Here and there a mandrake grows where something more substantial has taken route.

    What genre is your novel?

    1. Hah. That’s exactly how my Google Docs folder looks as well. At least I’m trying to keep as much of it as possible in one spot.

      Genre of my novel? It’s funny. It hasn’t quite decided. I say ‘it’ because I’m just kind of letting it steer its own course. Right now, all I can really say is it’s probably under the catch-all of science-fiction but I can see parts of it pushing their way out of that box.

  2. *root. Really wish I could edit comments.

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