Rakugoka Sushi House - The Accusation

Rakugoka Sushi House – The Accusation

Rakugoka Sushi House - The AccusationRakugoka Sushi House – The Accusation


Phillip McCollum

Kanpai,” she said with no cheer, no spring in her voice. She launched the glass of sake into her gullet to hide the tremors running through her hand, somehow forgetting that nothing could evade Rukugoka Koza’s keen eye.

Before her glass came slamming back onto the table, he had already deposited another freshly filled cup before her. A corner of her mouth turned upward.

“You know, Raku, we’ve known each other for what–a year?–and I can say without any compunction,” she said, slightly slurring the word, “that you and Mariko are truly one of a kind.”

He grunted, then smiled for as long as he could which averaged about a quarter-of-a-second. It wasn’t that he was incapable of the emotions behind such a thing, but the outward expression never seemed to get its act together across all of the required facial muscles.

Only briefly did he turn his attention back to the cherry-handled blade in his right hand. Full cognizance was unnecessary. Slicing the piece of yellowfin tuna into its requisite culinary parts occupied a permanent space in his mind. It had taken many, many years of training to achieve the disciplined, multi-mindedness that he possessed. All senses were activated to his surroundings as well as internal affections.

“Something troubles you today?” he asked merely for show.

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8 thoughts on “Rakugoka Sushi House – The Accusation

  1. I love this concept. Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. So glad you liked it, Berthold! It was fun and challenging to try and create such short, self-contained stories that tie into each other. Hopefully, you will enjoy the next two or have some feedback if it missed the mark!

  2. “Here’s to no more soul-sucking nine-to-five. No more bullshit office politics.”—Something we all fantasize about happening some time or another. Here’s hoping she makes it! Great story, Phillip.

    1. Haha. You got it, Carrie. Probably dream about that one an unhealthy amount… 😉 Happy you liked the story! Hope the next two work out just as well.

  3. I can see this playing out in the SF sushi restaurant my wife and I work with … We always had the feeling that miniature dramas take place there every night. 😉

    1. Hah! Yes, I imagine conversations like these happening at sushi bars around the world.

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