Seven Hundred and Seventy-Six

Seven Hundred and Seventy-Six


Phillip McCollum

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia. Please ignore the fact that this is not an entirely accurate representation of the revolver in the story. 😉

The handle of the revolver was the nicest part. That wasn’t saying much. It hung down like the long, bulbous nose of a drunkard. It may have been a smooth chestnut brown at one time, but now it was chipped and cracked, covered in scratches like a rattlesnake that had been on the losing end of a badger fight. Running along the side, between the trigger and the hammer, was what may have once been fine silver plating. Now it was tarnished to match the rusted barrels and cylinder.

Floyd Usher wondered about the last time it had been fired, if ever.

He lifted his eyes from his desk where the pistol lie and blinked at the man seated across from him. “You say you want $776? Nothing more. Nothing less.”

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4 thoughts on “Seven Hundred and Seventy-Six

  1. Pretty certain I said not to make these too good…

    Your writing continues to evoke a great sense of setting and character. I’d like to say I saw where it was going, but I didn’t spot the Carl/Jinnie twist. I particularly liked the ‘reveal’ of the curse.would have been easy to over complicate or push too hard, but it seemed natural and succinct which worked well with the rest of the story. Looking forward to the next one (no pressure… ;-)).

    1. Col, as always, too kind my friend. I really appreciate the feedback. I’m glad you liked this one, but expect some clunkers along the way. Ray Bradbury said I would have a hard time writing 52 bad stories, but he didn’t say I’d write 52 good ones. 😀

  2. Very well done, Phillip! I was totally hooked from the beginning. I second Col’s comments as well (cheating because I’m at work ?)

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, Marie. It means a lot! 🙂

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