"Sir, we've located The Imagination"

“Sir, we’ve located The Imagination”

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Imagine, carefully, the future if this finding becomes more concrete.

  • Street drugs that target this section of the brain. Your current imaginings of mauve unicorns playing Stairway to Heaven on tin buckets and walrus-teeth-harps would be dull in comparison.
  • Steroids that enhance functionality. Actually, these would probably be the same drugs mentioned above, just obtained legally.
  • Criminal punishment that inhibits the right synapses. “It’s been clinically determined that your imagination is the root of your evil ways. This court sentences you to A Boring Life.”


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  1. Phillip, I think being sentenced to a boring life is absolutely the worst punishment anyone could suffer! In my own experience, time seems to expand infinitely when mental stimulation is not at adequate levels. A life sentence of boredom would actually feel like several life sentences.

    Have you read Jack London’s unusual novel *The Star Rover* (also published as *The Jacket* in the UK)? The main character in this old classic is a straightjacketed prisoner locked in solitary confinement. He escapes from his dreadful ordeal by either imagining or reliving past lives. The book is first rate and available as a free download from Project Gutenberg.

    1. Thomas, I think you nailed the dominant symptom of boredom – time expanding infinitely. I can think of few worse feelings. Also, I haven’t read The Star Rover (Call of the Wild is still sitting unread on my Nook), but it sounds fascinating. Thanks for the guidance.

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