Swag – The Process

Swag is story number eighteen in the #52ShortStories challenge.

**SPOILERS BELOW. If you have not read the story and want to be (hopefully) surprised, come back to this when you’re done.**

This story was a little nervewracking (like most of them) getting off the ground. All I started with was this conceit of a person getting this piece of ‘swag’ from a trade convention that had some sort of magical properties.

It wasn’t until the third day of writing that I started to piece together an actual storyline. It’s interesting, this feeling of imminent failure that strikes when writing. You’d think I’d be past that by now, seeing that I ALWAYS finish, even if things don’t come out as expected (and 90%+ of the time, they don’t).

But nope, the stress remains. All I can do is look at the work I’ve put out before and realize that I’ll get it done. I suppose it’s likely the same for these writing greats I’m seeking to emulate.

The most interesting thing to note is that my first reader did like the story, but she said I needed some help in the ‘woman’ department. She reminded me that there are a lot of things a man takes for granted that women spend time on, such as putting on makeup. There was a timing issue in regards to Gerry being late for her meeting and it never even occurred to me that she would need time for applying makeup.

So, yeah, having your gender-based blindspots brought to your attention is another good reason to have your first reader be a different gender, if possible. 🙂

Here’s the general scratch file:

And the daily journal entries:


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