The Owl His Anthem – The Process

The Owl His Anthem is story number thirty-nine in the #52ShortStories challenge.

**SPOILERS BELOW. If you have not read the story and want to be (hopefully) surprised, come back to this when you’re done.**

Just like the previous story, the title and inspiration for this one were copped from Lord Byron’s Don Juan. I just love some of the phrases he weaved into his poetry. I started things off without a clue of who, where, and what was involved…sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, I ended up deleting most of what I had typed out on the first day. Still, I think it helped me figure out where I should take the story which, like the owl’s nighttime abode, wound up rather dark. But I hope you enjoyed it!

Here’s the general scratch file:

And the daily journal entries:


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