Weekly Recap – January 23rd, 2015

“Withering tears, what good can come of tears? None I know of.” – Homer, The Odyssey

Some of my accomplishments this week:

  • I’m halfway through my second reading of The Odyssey. Once that’s completed, I’ll post a review. If you can’t sleep or have a sadomasochistic streak, you can find my messy, ever-growing notes here.
  • I wrote a follow-up to my Grand Wattpad Experiment.
  • Angus is getting more interested in books! He thinks they’re delicious. *shrug* It’s a start.

Other than those items, I have to say, this new found “life organization” project has me breathing more easily each day. With my mind more at ease, I’m actually accomplishing goals, I’ve also begun carving up time for working on a novel again. Who woulda thunk? Of course, the recently converted are always the most fervent. Once the luster wears off in a month or two, it will be interesting to see where things lie.

I wish you all a great weekend!


0 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – January 23rd, 2015

  1. I’ve seen a lot of baby pics in my time, but I have to admit, that is one of the cutest! What a pose!

  2. Oh my gosh…I’m melting from that picture! Thank, Phillip! Have a great weekend.

  3. Have a great weekend Phillip. Angus is adorable. (you know that)

  4. Looks like Angus is so pleased with your progress too 🙂

  5. What a cutie!!!
    Glad you’re reading The Odyssey. I love that book! Hope your weekend is awesome.

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