Weekly Recap – June 21st, 2013

I almost didn’t write today’s post. Sometimes, I get the feeling that I have nothing to say…until I have something to say. I have to constantly remind myself to just type things and chip away at the memory banks.

In March, I decided to submit Higher Minds on a whim. It was the story I had put together for Litreactor’s Teleport Us contest, where it was well received and attracted some good feedback. Instead of attempting to fix some things based on said feedback, I took Robert Heinlein’s controversial advice and sent the story out, avoiding further revisions. I would take those critiques that made sense and apply them to my next story.

After 90 days, some long, some short, I received a form rejection from Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. It wasn’t unexpected as their recorded rejection rate is 98.74% over the past year, but there’s always a moment or two where I picture my bubbly dreams being popped by the pointy teeth and chomping jaws of an overexcited dog.

I think I’ll put Higher Minds up next week in case anyone has time to burn. I mean, who among us doesn’t have gallons of extra time just waiting to be used? 😉

All that being said, I’ve put my proverbial pants back on (though if I’m at home, I prefer to work in a cool, pants-free environment) and have begun writing my next short story. This isn’t to say I’m neglecting my novel. It’s just that writing fiction helps keep me sharp while I research and take notes for the bigger project.

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. I’m sorry Phillip. I would love to read Higher Minds. This is one of my favorite quotes that keeps me writing when I feel down.
    “I discovered that rejections are not altogether a bad thing. They teach a writer to rely on his own judgment and to say in his heart of hearts, ‘To hell with you.’”
    —Saul Bellow
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Fantastic quote Jill and that just about summed up my feelings a couple days later. 🙂 Have a great weekend as well.

  2. best of luck in the future!!! i’m all about the bubbly dreams too 🙂 someday you’ll find the right match for your work.

    1. Thanks Victoria! Time and tide wait for no man, so I must keep on moving forward.

  3. You have the right instinct for what to do while waiting for a response from a mag, or in the face of that (almost) inevitable form rejection: write, write, write! I used to send one story out at a time, to one magazine at a time — respecting those simultaneous submission warnings — till I realized I was a chump. Gave myself permission to send a lot out at once, and to forget about them. Somehow it’s easier to focus on current work when you’re not putting all your hopes in one submission.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Kevin! I’ve often wondered about multiple submissions as I’m the same as you were, respecting those warnings. Sounds like I need to dechumpify myself and spread the love. Thanks for the advice and have a great weekend as well!

  4. You’re submitting your work, a feat I’ve yet to attempt. Kudos to you and your preferred working environment – to which, ahem, my husband also ascribes. OK – enough of the eerie coincidences for today…though I did have to send him a link to your blog 🙂 Have a well earned fabulous weekend and thanks for reading my blog!

    1. I’m glad I found another interesting blog to read. Gotta love the interconnected-ness of WordPress!

  5. I’m sorry about that rejection. I hope this doesn’t deter you from sending it elsewhere!!!

    1. Not at all! It’s actually refilled my gumption tank, so I’m ready for the next one.

  6. I let that last message get away without saying, I’ve had five rejections for the same novel. No rejection feels good, so I’m patting you on the back and saying, “There, there.” Because I’ve definitely been there. But if you believe in your story (and I’m sure you do), you owe it to yourself and it to find it a good home. We’re rooting for you.

    1. Appreciate the back pat and the ‘rah rah’. 🙂 As those of us who have submitted our work know, rejection just comes with the territory. Unlike Tic-Tac-Toe from WarGames, you can’t win if you don’t play!

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