Weekly Recap – March 8th, 2013

I accomplished a good bout of writing this week, both on and off the blog. This writing-every-day thing has been amazing for my productivity. Who knew? Well, a lot of people. But, hey, I actually listened and followed through this time. I seem to have gotten it through my thick skull that if I’m ever going to publish something, it might be a good idea to have something to publish.

I’ve plotted out seven scenes and have completed the first draft for two of them. This weekend will involve lots of brainstorming to see if I can improve on the plot and characters. Oh, and of course, lots of writing. Since I’m heading out to Las Vegas next week for a training conference, I know my productivity will take a brief hit. Better to make up for that ahead of time.


I started reading Scene and Structure and I’m a little over halfway through The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Scene and Structure is more of the same from Jack Bickham and covers a lot of ground that Swain talked about. It’s a good refresher though and addresses a few outliers that are missed in the more general texts.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks has been up and down for me. I’m struggling to finish it, but haven’t quite put my finger on why. The nonfiction story is about a group of cells that have benefited medical science for the past few decades and the woman who unwittingly provided them. At least, that’s what it’s supposed to be about, but the majority of the text so far has been the author’s journal of researching the story. I think it’s just not what I expected it to be.


As I mentioned earlier, blog and writing activity will be light next week due to the conference. Hopefully I won’t wake up in alley at some point with a splitting headache and poker chips spilling out of my pocket.


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